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Use VA eligibility to finance a home when your loan is over the VA maximum guaranty in your area.

620 credit score up to $1,000,000
700 credit score up to $1,500,000

2019 loan limits have been increased once again. The majority of the country has the same limit set at $484,350. This limit is established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. VA adopts this limit annually as the maximum they will finance with no down payment from eligible VA borrowers.

This limit does not restrict you from borrowing more than $484,350. VA requires that their guarantee and down payment from the borrower must equal 25% of the purchase price. Simply put, VA will guarantee 25% of a veterans outstanding loans up to $484,350. A veteran can borrow above $484,350 if they are able to put 25% down on any amount exceeding this figure.

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See example below:

$525,000 Purchase price
($484,350) Maximum VA loan with $0 down
$40,650 Amount exceeding limit
x 75% VA maximum if guarantee is exceeded
$30,487 Additional amount that can be borrowed


$525,000 Purchase price
($514,757) Maximum VA loan base on price
$10,243 Minimum down payment required

The final number for this scenario is a down payment of 1.95%.

That is less down payment than either FHA or conforming allow for their best customers.

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Rates and fees will vary depending upon loan parameters. The above example is based upon an estimated interest rate of 4.25%, APR 4.452%, VA funding fee of 2.15%.