At The First State Bank, we don't charge our customers for using non-The First State Bank ATMs…anywhere, anytime! If you incur an ATM surcharge, simply save your original receipt and send it to us, along with our ATM Surcharge Reimbursement Form.

You can mail in your form and original receipts, or bring them in to the nearest bank branch and we'll be happy to reimburse you the fee.

  • Use any ATM worldwide
  • Save your original ATM receipts
  • Fill out our ATM Surcharge Reimbursement Form
  • Mail us the form and original receipts or bring them in to the nearest bank branch.
  • We'll reimburse you the fee(s)

It's that simple! Read the FAQs below for more information.


Does the rebate apply to any ATM fees, from any ATM worldwide?

Yes! As you know, The First State Bank does not charge our customers a fee for using our ATMs, and now we'll even reimburse you any fees you incur from other ATMs worldwide!

What do I need to do to receive my ATM fee reimbursement?

Download our rebate form. Fill out the form and bring it in with you on your next visit to any of our branches, or mail it to the following address:

The First State Bank
Attn: ATM Rebate
3030 NW Expressway, Ste. 130
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Be sure to keep all your original receipts for which you want a reimbursement and send them in with the form.

Can I submit reimbursements for multiple accounts on one reimbursement form?

Only one account per reimbursement form, please! If you have multiple accounts for which you need reimbursements, please submit a different form for each account, along with the original receipts for those accounts.

If I lost a receipt, can I still get reimbursed the fee for that transaction?

Unfortunately, no. We need to have original receipts for all the transactions for which you want reimbursed.

How will I receive my reimbursement?

Once we receive your completed reimbursement form and original receipts, the reimbursement will hit the account from which the transaction took place no later than 10 business days afterward. The account must still be an open account, or the credit will not take place.

Can I save up all my ATM receipts and just submit one form for the whole year?

Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 90 days from the date the fee was incurred.

Is there a limit to the amount of fee reimbursement I can receive?

Yes. You may receive up to $25.00 in ATM fee reimbursements per account per statement cycle.

Your satisfaction is the real reward, but we appreciate these too.