Want to maximize the use of your funds? Let our sweep services work for you! Free up time and resources to focus on other aspects of your business.

Whatever your business needs, our sweep services can help you to optimize your excess funds. Request additional information on our sweep services today!

Zero Balance Accounts

Eliminate the need to manually transfer funds to or from your company's cash accounts — zero balance accounting (ZBA) allows efficient usage of your excess funds by concentrating them into one master account.

ZBA enables your business to separate the collection or disbursement of cash. After deposits and checks present for the day on a sub-account, an automatic transfer will initiate from the elected master account. Funds then sweep to or from the master account to restore all sub-accounts to a zero balance.

  • Eliminates manual internal transfers
  • Increase earnings automatically
  • Reduces idle cash in various accounts
  • Automatic transfers when you need cash
  • Maximum control over balances and funding
  • Transactions are fully secure
  • Link unlimited sub-accounts to the zero balance master account
  • Use in conjunction with a sweep account
Loan Sweeps

Maintain a line of credit according to a target balance set by you and your loan officer — our convenient loan sweep service maximizes the use of funds for our corporate borrowing customers.

If your checking has funds in excess of a target balance, with an outstanding balance on a line of credit, the system automatically debits the checking account and pays on the line. If your checking falls below the target balance, and the line of credit is not fully borrowed against, the system will advance the funds from the line and credit the checking account.

  • Eliminates the need to manually advance or pay down on your line of credit
  • Minimizes interest expense
  • Allows the maximum use of your funds
  • Improves your profitability
  • Fully automated and secure
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