Designed for businesses with a relatively low number of monthly transactions, this free account has everything you need to conduct your everyday business. There are no monthly fees, and you get 150 free transactions, plus all our convenience services to add efficiency to your banking tasks.

Use your debit card for point-of-sale purchases, to get cash back, or access your accounts at any ATM. You need a $100 deposit to open the account, but there is no minimum balance requirement. Open one today!


*The First State Bank has implemented upgraded debit card fraud protection. By doing so, we can offer you better protection against personal and business debit card fraud. As a result of this upgraded protection, you may see an increase in phone calls and other notifications regarding debit card purchases that meet certain criteria deemed suspicious. Such activity can include purchases made outside of normal card locations, eCommerce transactions and dollar amount specifications. Heightened security will be placed on international purchases as well, so if you intend on traveling outside of the United States, please contact your local branch of The First State Bank.

Your satisfaction is the real reward, but we appreciate these too.